Spaghetti Drop

Marty dropped spaghetti sauce on his math paper. What do you think is under the sauce he dropped? Why?

Scientific Notation

Scientific notation is (is not) needed because…

Erica said, “-24 is -16.”  Eric argued, “No, -24 is 16.”  Who do you agree with? Why?


As exponent of 3 means…

Grand Expansion

Using Decimals

Describe a situation in which you would use decimals.  Why would decimals be use?

The Runners’ Relationships

Write a word problem that uses percents and can be solved by the number sentence 0.25 x ____ = 140.10.

Hot! Hot! Hot?

Darron’s calculator is broken.  It doesn’t always put the decimal point in the right place.  So he has difficulty deciding if an answer is correct.  He multiplied 43.7892 x 2.01605.  His calculator showed a product of 8.8281216.  Do you agree?… Continue Reading →

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