Another Word Problem

Write a word problem that can be solved by multiplying two fractions. Show the solution.

Practice Makes Perfect

A Tricky Situation

You are given a problem to solve that uses the number sentence 1.5 + 3/4 = a.  What would you do first?  Why?

Two Types of Salmon

Cinema Dilemma

Half a Pizza

Sam said, “I ate one half of a pizza, which was three slices.”  Jena said, “I ate four slices of pizza, and it was one half of a pizza”.  Who is telling the truth?  Prove it.

A Crate of Floor Tiles

Jorge bought a crate of floor tiles for $95.94. The crate had 6 boxes of floor tiles. Each box contained 20 floor tiles. Write and solve an equation to determine the cost per box, b. Then write and solve a… Continue Reading →

Mathematical Reasoning 1: Four-Step Plan

Equivalent Fractions

Darrell made a chart to show equivalent fractions.  He wrote “1/2 = 2/4 = 3/6 = 4/8…”.  What patterns do you notice?  What would be the next three fractions in his pattern?

Michelle Makes Jewelry Boxes

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