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Two Types of Salmon

Cinema Dilemma

Half a Pizza

Sam said, “I ate one half of a pizza, which was three slices.”  Jena said, “I ate four slices of pizza, and it was one half of a pizza”.  Who is telling the truth?  Prove it.

A Crate of Floor Tiles

Jorge bought a crate of floor tiles for $95.94. The crate had 6 boxes of floor tiles. Each box contained 20 floor tiles. Write and solve an equation to determine the cost per box, b. Then write and solve a… Continue Reading →

Mathematical Reasoning 1: Four-Step Plan

Equivalent Fractions

Darrell made a chart to show equivalent fractions.  He wrote “1/2 = 2/4 = 3/6 = 4/8…”.  What patterns do you notice?  What would be the next three fractions in his pattern?

Michelle Makes Jewelry Boxes

Lavonya & Jones in Right Angles?

What is a Remainder?

Amanda solved a division problem. Tino asked, “What does the remainder 7 mean?”  What do you think Amanda told him?

To convert a temperature from degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature in degrees Celsius is multiplied by 1.8, and then 32 is added to the product. Write an expression that can be used to convert a temperature from degrees… Continue Reading →

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