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Sibling Probabilities

There is only one even prime number, 2.  How can you explain that?

Lucky Count

Adding Fractions

Kenyatta asked, “Why do fractions have to have common denominators before they can be added?”  What do you think?  Support your answer with specific examples.

Planetary Play

Jennifer and Patty are arguing about what a rational number is.  Describe, using examples, what you think it is.

Paint by Number

Dividing Fractions

Write a word problem that can be solved by dividing two fractions.  Show the solution.

Shipping Shenanigans

Darron’s Calculator

Darron’s calculator is broken.  It doesn’t always put the decimal point in the right place so he has difficulty deciding if a problem is correct.  He added 43.7 + 2.01 + 6.05 + 1.  His calculator showed a sum of… Continue Reading →

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